In this 90 minute workshop you will dive into the five layers or sheaths of the Koshas through meditation, visualization and the physical practice of yoga.

The Five Koshas

virtual workshops:

Deepen your understanding of what intrigues you most about this practice - asana, mantra, pranayama - while experiencing a group energy and being guided into a layer of the self that either reveals a crack where the shadows can get out or the light can get in.

Let’s dive deeper into this practice


Join me for a master class into everything Hanuman. This is a 2 hour practice for all students and teachers. 
The next 3 hour session is learning the 3 Pillar Method on how to sequence around Hanuman, with mythology, mantra, pranayama and intelligent sequencing with asana. 

June 2nd @ShalaYoga
6:30-8:30am & 11am-2pm 

Next Mythic Mantra Master Class
Oct 11th @CasaCopal ~ The art of War with Skanda

Devotion & Dedication 

kapalabhati & Evening rituals 

 21 days of kapalabhati & evening rituals to uplift, ground and restore you.
From Pranayama, guided meditations, mantras and gentle yin practices.
Everything to uplift & calm your nervous system to drop into deep rest and rejuvenation. 
Join anytime, access for 30 days.

*Purchase one of the above, receive the 2nd for $10 

Magic is in the works......

From the Myths of the Asana, Mantras of the Vedas, Pranayama to ignite Prana & calm the mind. These class bundles have a bit of everything.

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