Deepen your understanding of what intrigues you most about this practice - asana, mantra, pranayama - while experiencing a group energy and being guided into a layer of the self that either reveals a crack where the shadows can get out or the light can get in.

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The Five Koshas

In this 90 minute workshop you will dive into the five layers or sheaths of the Koshas through meditation, visualization and the physical practice of yoga.

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MAY 2022
WEDNESDAY'S 7-8:30pm 

mythic mantra series

Squamish B.C. (location given upon registration)
$108 for all 4 sessions

Week 1 ~ How the Warriors Came To Be

Week 2 ~ The Koshas - The Layers of our Being 

Week 3 ~ Chakras & Gayatri 

Week 4 ~ The Vayus - The 5 Pranas

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From the Myths of the Asana, Mantras of the Vedas, Pranayama to ignite Prana & calm the mind. These class bundles have a bit of everything.

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Looking for a spicy asana practice with a focus on pranayama, philosophy, and mythology? Sign up here to download a virtual class – roll out your mat wherever and enjoy practice!

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