Om Asato Maa sad gamaya
Tamaso Maa Jyothir gamaya
Mrtyor Maa Amrtam gamaya
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Workshops are a deeper dive into the teachings & asana practices. Class bundles are a modern take on traditional teachings. Dynamic asana with mantra, philosophy, mythology & pranayama. Short & Sweet are the perfect mini practices for when you have a small window of time. 

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Check out my book! Dive deeper and learn about the mythical stories & sacred mantras of the gods & goddesses of yoga.

within the divine realm

A mix of Vinyasa, Power, Flow,  Restorative & Meditation, Mythology, Arm balances, Vedic teachings.



15 classes

A mix of Vinyasa, Power, Flow, Hatha, Yin, Vedic teachings, Mantra & Mythology of Asana.

om namah shivaya


15 classes

A mix of Vinyasa, Power, Flow, Arm Balances, Mythology of Asana, Vedic Mantras & teachings.

hari om


15 classes

A mixed collection for you of Yoga practices. From the Myths of the Asana, Mantras of the Vedas, Pranayama to ignite Prana & calm the mind. These bundles have a bit of everything for you. 

class bundles

Mini Practices of Pranayama, Mantra, Meditation & Vinyasa Flows to compliment your day.

short + sweet


6 classes

Three Workshops on Yoga History & Advanced Asana. Two Special classes on the Koshas & Hatha Raja.



5 workshops

A mix of Vinyasa, Hatha, Power, Flow, Mythology, Philosophy & Arm Balances.



15 classes

This bundle is specifically focused on strengthening and stretching for on and off the ice. There are four 15-20 min videos on the hips, hip flexors, hamstrings, shoulders and core work. With a bonus class on intro to breathing.

hockey yoga


4 classes (15-20 mins/each)

Join me every week for live-streaming and in-studio classes, and let's flow to return into grace. Purchase a monthly membership, 5-class pass, or drop-in to a practice!

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nico luce

"Crystal is the most outstanding teacher because she combines creativity, passion and fun with depth, knowledge and experience. Her easy going and playful way of teaching will help you grow your practice from the inside out, guaranteed!"

rachel wainwright

"Crystal is inspiring for being courageously rawly real. Her yoga classes are rooted in tradition; yet she shares in a refreshing authentic way. She vibrates joyful love, sincerely cares for you and truly wants you to shine your truth."

Julia Maccabe

"Crystal is a beloved, humble and traditional teacher. All fire, giggles and loyal as the day is long. "

danielle connor

"Crystal has an energy like no other - she's magnetic, fiery, and her joy is infectious! Any class with her is pure magic, and it's been an incredible experience getting to deepen my practice and learn from her (with no shortage of giggles) - from her virtual classes, to practicing in-studio, to a retreat across the world in Bali!"

bria lear

"Crystal brings so much depth to her classes through story, mantra, and sequencing that really brings the practice to life in a way I’ve never experienced with other teachers. Whatever mood you’re in, she manages to provide exactly what you need; I always leave class feeling lighter, more joyful and centred!"

Kayla Arnold

"Crystal is a powerhouse of a teacher and brings a little something for everybody. Her teachings embody tradition and the soul to the practice while her bad-ass and fun-loving attitude add a fire to that practice that lifts you up in class when you need it most. She’s awesome to hang with for poolside chats on retreats, and and endless resource of authentic knowledge as a teacher trainer. She IS yoga and singing mantra with her is an experience not to be missed!"

so ham so ham so ham