It took me a long time to figure out my purpose. I’ve always been an athlete, competitive in so many ways. It wasn’t until my 7th head concussion, a dried up blood clot and brain damage did I really start to look at what else was I meant to do and be in this world. I was always taught to ask the universe for guidance if I needed it, after a week of asking for “change” I went to work and was paid in coins, nickels, dimes, loonies, no dollar bills at all. My friend suggested “opportunities.”

A classical soul searching trip to Bali, my path was revealed to me. I was meant to step into the footsteps of my great aunt, mother and father and become a devotee to this lineage of yoga. It’s been a humbling experience but I wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact I’ve been told by many spiritual guides that I would not survive any other way (f*ck, good thing I love what I do).

To be a teacher of yoga is much more than teaching the practices. This is an embodiment of the teachings. To walk the walk, and continue to elevate not just yourself but others as you do it. I used to think life would get easier if I knew my purpose here, not so, but it is very exciting to see when the ego and shadows arise to have the opportunity to work with the light and use the teachings as they were meant to. Love this shit, it’s the only way.  

meet crystal

she who roars

hari om

Realize that your essence Is divine son, and let it shine, son

- gang starr

xo crystal

i'm an avid motocross rider

i used to have a mohawk

i lived in a teepee

i was a pro ice skater

true or false

take your guess!

i got my first tattoo at 11











false! I was actually a pro snowboarder for years!

you're right,
i was actually a pro snowboarder for years!

true! I lived in a teepee with my family growing up

it's true, I lived in a teepee with my family growing up!

yes, it's one of my favourite things to do!

this is true, motorcross is
my happy place (and yoga too)!

never had a mohawk, but
I did have purple hair!

you're right,
no mohawk
but i did have purple hair

i got an Egyptian Ankh on my shoulder for my 12th birthday!

this is true, i begged my parents
for a tattoo for
my 12th birthday!

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